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8' X 16' Complete 7' Tall Dog Kennel (Powder-Coated)

8' X 16' Complete 7' Tall Dog Kennel (Powder-Coated)
  • 8' X 16' Complete 7' Tall Dog Kennel (Powder-Coated)
  • 8' X 16' Complete 7' Tall Dog Kennel (Powder-Coated)
  • 8' X 16' Complete 7' Tall Dog Kennel (Powder-Coated)
  • 8' X 16' Complete 7' Tall Dog Kennel (Powder-Coated)
  • 8' X 16' Complete 7' Tall Dog Kennel (Powder-Coated)
(1) 8' Door Panel
(5) 8' Panels
(6) 8' Digging Bars
(12) Connection Pins
(1) 8' X 8' Corrugated Roof
7' Tall Complete Wire Dog Kennels
K9 Kennels' dog kennels are built to last! Our welded wire panels are much more durable than chain link. K9 Kennel enclosures are available in over 30 sizes, are easy to assemble and come in single or multiple dog runs. K9 Kennels' modular kennels are the most economical of professional dog runs. They are made of steel with progressive welded wiring. They offer tremendous standard features for the least investment. They are the choice of show breeders, police units and hunting dog enthusiasts as well as backyard pet owners.
K9 Kennel Store can provide your pet and companion with plenty of exercise space in the form of our Kennel Pro Welded Wire modular kennel systems. These kennel systems ship with panels prefabricated, making assembly and installation quick and easy! Simply stand panels upright in desired configuration and pin together for support. Our 2" x 4" 6-gauge welded wire is welded directly to the 1" steel square tubing frame.
1-1/2" legs on each panel allow kennel installations to be easily cleaned. Rounded corners at the top of kennel prevent canvas tops from tearing or ripping. Door panels feature a 32" wide opening and our built-in hinge system keeps gates and animals secure. Our Welded Wire Modular Kennel Panels are available 4', 6', or 8' long and all panels are 6' tall. Customization is also available. Panels ship by common carrier (large truck). Product carries a one year manufacturer's warranty. Our Pro Kennels feature the innovative Swivel Mounted Food Bowls which make feeding your dogs easy and keep their food up off the ground. Also available in a complete kennel system are our Heavy Duty, Peaked Canvas Tops and Side Covers, our exclusive Digging Prevention System and much, much more.
Our all-welded steel midsize dog kennels are ideal for anyone who has a medium-sized dog and is in need of a high-quality backyard dog kennel that will last for years to come. Most typical dog breeds should have ample room in these kennels for an average time duration throughout the day, or for the purpose of sleeping at night.
Our medium dog runs are industrial-strength and feature our secure, along with our industry-best steel frame and our durable, climb and chew-resistant, welded wire mesh. These modular kennel panels can be powder coated, which produces an ultra-protective, black finish that will stay tough and look great for years to come!
Our totally modular dog kennel system utilizes kennel fencing panels, connected to one-another with a simple drop-pin system, which makes ours an incredibly versatile kennel system! Erecting our steel kennel panels is easy as can be, with the average assembly time taking less than 5 minutes. The best part about this system of connecting fencing panels to one-another is that it allows you to change the size or shape of your dog run as your needs change. Just unhook panels to re-arrange them, or order additional panels to enlarge the size of your kennel. Talk about the ultimate dog kennel! Sure, our kennel fencing is convenient, but it's also tough as nails. We didn't skip a beat or skimp a bit while designing and building our dog kennels, ensuring that we could bring the best dog kennel for sale to the market, period. For tough, durable dog kennel fencing that will last for ages and look great for years to come, there is no other option than from the k9 Kennel Company.
Our dog kennel panels can also be used as horse stalls, pig pens, pool safety fences, backyard fencing, construction fencing, temporary fencing or event fencing. Our kennel fencing is 7' tall (Okay.. 84") and available in 4' panels, 6' panels and 8' panels - virtually guaranteeing you can create whatever configuration your heart desires and your space allows. We believe in manufacturing only the highest quality dog kennel on the market, an amazing backyard dog kennel that will last and look great for years to come!
Remember, for extended periods of time it is important that dogs have room to move about so that they can get needed exercise and expend pent up energy, if you have a high-energy pooch you may want to check out our Ultimate Kennels.


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