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6' X 24' Ultimate 7' Tall Wire Kennel (Powder-coated)

6' X 24' Ultimate 7' Tall Wire Kennel (Powder-coated)
  • 6' X 24' Ultimate 7' Tall Wire Kennel (Powder-coated)
  • 6' X 24' Ultimate 7' Tall Wire Kennel (Powder-coated)
  • 6' X 24' Ultimate 7' Tall Wire Kennel (Powder-coated)
  • 6' X 24' Ultimate 7' Tall Wire Kennel (Powder-coated)
  • 6' X 24' Ultimate 7' Tall Wire Kennel (Powder-coated)
(1) 8' Door Panel
(2) 6' Panel
(5) 8' Panels                                            
(2) 8' Digging Prevention Bars
(1) 6' Digging Prevention Bar                          
(96)  Flooring Tiles 6' X 16'
(1) Kennel Mounted Swivel Bowl Set
(1) Dog Septic System
(1) 6' X 24' Corrugated Top W/ Roof Bars
(1) Dog Waste Scooper
(1) Kennel Mounted Food Dispenser OR (1) Heavy Duty Canvas Dog Cot
We here at K9 Kennels are incredibly proud of our safe, tough, and durable dog kennels. Without a doubt our modular dog kennels are the best quality & toughest kennel systems on the market. Our Base Dog Kennels are called single dog kennels, or single dog runs, that can be used as a backyard dog kennel. You can also attach our panels to an existing wall, turning a three-sided dog kennel into a four-sided dog run that can be added onto or be reconfigured as your needs change. We offer thick and protective galvanized finish in our Pro series. Our 7' Tall kennels are great for making it difficult for dogs to jump out and are tall enough to allow you to stand up in them. The 7' Tall series is powdercoated tuff. It is no wonder K9 Kennels is the only kennel you'll ever need to own. Your K9 Kennel Company dog kennel will look brand new for years to come!
Our only goal is to keep your best friend safe and secure in her kennel, there to greet you at the end of the day like no one else can. Our base Kennels are the perfect starter kennel package! Our use of a wholly unique climb and chew-resistant, 6 gauge, welded wire mesh ensures that your dog will not be able to chew out of her kennel, and even the biggest escape artist dogs won't be able to climb out of their kennel. Our modular kennel fencing panels can also be used as horse stalls, pig pens, pool safety fences, backyard fencing, construction fencing, temporary fencing, event fencing and for just about anything else you can imagine. Give us a call today at 1-801-621-4024 and we'll be happy to work up a quote for you!



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