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K9 Kennel Castle With 8' x 24' Run & Metal Cover (Ultimate)

K9 Kennel Castle With 8' x 24' Run & Metal Cover (Ultimate)
  • K9 Kennel Castle With 8' x 24' Run & Metal Cover (Ultimate)
  • K9 Kennel Castle With 8' x 24' Run & Metal Cover (Ultimate)
  • K9 Kennel Castle With 8' x 24' Run & Metal Cover (Ultimate)
  • K9 Kennel Castle With 8' x 24' Run & Metal Cover (Ultimate)
  • K9 Kennel Castle With 8' x 24' Run & Metal Cover (Ultimate)
4' x 4' Kennel Castle W/ Ramp
4' x 4' Tile Flooring under the House
(1) 4' Welded Wire Panel
(1) 8' Welded Wire Door Panel
(6) 8' Welded Wire Panel
8' x 8' Metal cover
8' x 16' Tile Flooring
Digging Prevention System (3) 8' Dig Bars
Swivel Bowl Brackets with two food bowls
Septic Tank
Free Waste Scooper
Free Choice of Food Dispenser or Dog Cot
K9 Kennels' dog kennels are built to last! Our welded wire panels are much more durable than chain link. K9 Kennel enclosures are available in over 30 sizes, are easy to assemble and come in single or multiple dog runs. K9 Kennels' modular kennels are the most economical of professional dog runs. They are made of welded wire in 2" x 4" squares. They offer tremendous standard features for the least investment. They are the choice of show breeders, police units and hunting dog enthusiasts as well as backyard pet owners.
K9 Kennels have a powder coated finish which provide an attractive, weather and acid resistant coating that ensures years of protection from pet waste and other elements associated with kenneling. Suitable for home or professional use.
K9 Kennel Store can provide your pet and companion with plenty of exercise space in the form of our Welded Wire or Expanded Metal modular kennel systems. These kennel systems ship with panels prefabricated, making assembly and installation quick and easy! Simply stand panels upright in desired configuration and pin together for support. Both our 2" x 4" 8-gauge welded wire or 14 gauge expanded metal is welded directly to the 1" steel square tubing frame.
1-1/2" legs on each panel allow kennel installations to be easily cleaned. Rounded corners at the top of kennel prevent canvas tops from tearing or ripping. Door panels feature a 32" wide opening and our built-in hinge system keeps gates and animals secure. Our Welded Wire Modular Kennel Panels are available 4', 6', or 8' long and all panels are 6' tall. Customization is also available. Panels ship by common carrier (large truck). Product carries a one year manufacturer's warranty. Also available in a complete kennel system are our Heavy Duty, Peaked Canvas Tops and Side Covers, our exclusive Digging Prevention System, Kennel-Mounted Food Bowls as well as Swivel Mounted Food Bowls (which prevent dogs from knocking over their dishes) and much, much more.


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